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Featured Artist: 1-800-DISCO

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

There is a lot to be said about the relatively short yet successful career of Craig White. The Berlin-based, Sunderland born DJ/Producer is a talented Disco, House and Electro artist who loves to make people move.

Craig featured in Point Blanks April 2018 Student success story, highlighting his on-going residency at The Disco Express at Shoreditch Platform, the sister venue to London’s mega venue E1. Since moving to Berlin Craig has started his own party called Mister Bear at Monarch Berlin, which has had great success so far. Craig also runs the Berlin Disco Radio show that is aiming to help grow the Disco scene within Berlin and build a platform to help give exposure to different elements within the scene.

Check out the 1-800 DISCO Soundcloud page to hear some of his Boogilicious Beats

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