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An Oddd Concept for a Groovy Gathering 

Growing up in South Florida, there was no better feeling than whenever the month of March came around every year. Your soul would literally fill with excitement knowing that the Miami Winter Music Conference was rapidly approaching, and bracing yourselves for all the sunny, glorious dance related shenanigans that this special week entails.  There was just nothing like the original few years of the WMC, it was such an amazing experience, where you felt like that week was a gift for all of us who live and breathe lush electronic music that was immaculately mixed by the best DJs from all corners of this wonderful planet on which we inhabit. ​ However, over the years it all started to deteriorate. It would seem that, what started out as a love for the music and us, the people that love this music...became more about a love for money and egos. The events got unnecessarily expensive, then there was the ill advised attempt to integrate the WMC with Spring Break, which was a horrible idea and was basically the beginning of the death of WMC. It created a rift with the attendees of WMC, because Spring Breakers are sometime hostile and arrogant, which was at odds with what the original concept of The Winter Music Conference stood for. This eventually pushed away the core audience that favoured the friendly, cozy, inclusive atmosphere of the early days of WMC over it's increasingly more toxic state .


Come Play
With Us
in Paradise

This is where we enter this story.....With O.d.d.d. Cayman Islands we, are trying to bring back that special feeling from the early WMC Miami days and then some. That feeling of love and for the love of music...there's also that added feeling of discovery as you seek out different events all over the island and, marvel at the absolutely spectacles that this tropical paradise, known as the Cayman Islands provides. Prepare to experience  sophisticated, sexy sounds spun by amazing DJ's from Miami to Berlin, while you watch the sun set across the ocean and feel the warm sand between your toes or in the water surrounded by friendly Stingrays..just to name a few of the experiences you can expect..We even have a groovy Transport shuttles to take you from party to party complete with onboard DJ laying down some travelling tunes. ​ We have a groovy, wild time in paradise planned for your enjoyment, and we want to be completely transparent with you, as we ramp up our efforts to put this whole thing together and create an unforgettable Caribbean experience that far surpasses what has come before it. The entire island will be your party, and we can't wait to share more the closer we get to announcing the dates of the events. To stay inform and follow us on our journey building the sexiest, most intimate party experience... Please just take a few seconds to fill out the form below and if you have any other ideas about what you would love to see from these events, don't hesitate to drop us a few sentences in the message box, we will use any of your input that we think will help make this even better... ​ We will be updating this page constantly with featured articles on many of our international DJs, events that are currently happening and DJ sets for you to have a listen to. We look forward to sharing more with you soon, so please bookmark this page and stay tuned for tunes.

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