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Featured DJ: Chavdar Grigorov

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Hailing from Sophia, Bulgaria, enough can't be said about Chavdar's (called Chav by those of us that know him) proficiency behind the decks and his record collection. Transitioning between genres with utter grace and seamless fluidity, watching and hearing his sets is pure joy for the senses. Chatting to him about music is also a fascinating thing as it's almost like interacting with a music encyclopedia.

Back in his hometown of Sophia, he and friend Andrei Peev founded Cotton Records, an independent Bulgarian record label, booking agency and promoter, in 2005 ( and, covering ground breaking artists and the global music scene. The label is also involved in several other projects in the area of film making and graphic arts.

Now residing in Berlin Germany, he's one of the owners of the underground darling, Repeat Bar, basically considered by many as the place where DJs go to hang out and music lovers go to satiate their hunger for proper, underground electronic music. It's a small bar drenched in atmosphere and love and the people that attend weekly are almost like a family.

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1 Comment

Sa Pu
Sa Pu
Apr 08, 2022

Oh dear Chav!!! It will be great to see you there!!

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